XMReality enters the Central European defence market with innovative solutions

Source: XMReality

XMReality is currently being assessed by a branch within the armed forces of a Central European non-NATO DACH country through a paid pilot project. XMReality's remote guidance platform in combination with inspection and maintenance software from a partner and smart glasses, will be evaluated to see if they can improve the efficiency of vehicle inspections and maintenance.

The contract is through a local partner that provides maintenance and inspection software with digital work instruction. However, sometimes the digital instructions might not be enough, and the technician needs additional help from an expert. In those cases, XMReality’s remote guidance platform allows technicians to connect with remote experts via a live video stream and receive real-time guidance using powerful features based on Augmented Reality.

“We are happy to once again see that our software lives up to the high quality standards demanded by the defence segment. The order itself is not significant in monetary terms, since the current order covers the scope of the pilot project, but it’s still of importance to us since it has future potential” says Andreas Jonsson, CBDO at XMReality.


About XMReality Remote Guidance
XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone at a completely different place. It includes:

  • A unique hands-overlay technology that lets you guide someone else’s hands—as if you were there.
  • A web portal to manage teams and users, and to measure usage.
  • Integration through client-side API’s (Application Programming Interfaces).



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