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Defence Industry Europe is a professional website focusing on the defence industry in Europe and worldwide.

We write about modernization of European armed forces, defence industry, new defence technologies, the development of the defence business and the companies operating in that industry. We also report on political events – at both European and national levels – with relevance to the defence sector.

Our mission is to provide defence professionals, decision-makers, politicians, horizontal media journalists and the general public with reliable information on the European defence industry.

We believe that the integration of the European industry will bring about many positive effects, such as the strengthening of the defence sector on global market, as well as the development of many innovations and new technologies.

By implementing common arms projects, the European defence industry can come to the forefront of the continent’s economy, while also considerably boosting EU security in general. Only a strong, integrated, innovative and efficient arms industry can be the foundation for the armed forces of individual European states.

We also believe that a strong, modern and competitive European defence industry can be a way to tighten transatlantic ties within NATO’s allies. A integrated European defence industry can also contribute to a more robust technological and intellectual cooperation between Europe and all partner countries the world over.

For these precise reasons, we support all initiatives undertaken by the European Union, international organisations and individual European countries to pursue common armaments programmes and work together on future technologies that will give Europe an advantage globally and ensure full interoperability and compatibility of the equipment and weapons used by the armed forces of European countries. We are enthusiastic about the new European armaments programmes and will promote the idea of cooperation between the defence industries of European countries.

Last but not least, as an industry-specific publication, we want to be a trusted partner for defence companies and ensure the transfer of reliable and objective knowledge about their activities to the public and everyone else who is interested.


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