Alisys and Ghost Robotics unite to boost next-generation robotics in Europe

Source: Alisys

Alisys, a Spanish company specialized in service robotics solutions, has just announced its strategic alliance with Ghost Robotics, a leading US manufacturer of quadruped robotics, aiming to promote the application of solutions based on this type of platform in Europe.


Eduardo Gomez de Toston, CEO of Alisys, explains that this agreement strengthens the leadership position of both companies and also “will promote new applications with a huge transformative potential in the European market. This is the case for the automation of tasks in difficult terrains and unpredictable environments, where the capabilities of conventional robots, with wheels or chains, are not enough.”

As part of this collaboration, Alisys will play a key role as Ghost Robotics’ lead technology partner for Europe, leading the European network for distribution and deployment of new services in hitherto underexplored scenarios.



Furthermore, Alisys plans to establish an assembly, technical support and maintenance plant in Spain, in order to adapt the production of the U.S. manufacturer’s robots to the European market.

Gavin Kenneally, co-founder and CEO of Ghost Robotics, expresses his enthusiasm for this alliance with Alisys, with which he hopes to expand its technology to new markets. He stresses that “this collaboration represents a fundamental pillar of our global strategy. Our goal is to partner with companies capable of providing solid support in terms of production and service development in key markets for the company.”



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