Argentina intends to purchase Airbus H215 helicopters

By Defence Industry Europe

The Ministry of Defence of Argentina has revealed that during the Paris Air Show 2023, a letter of intent was signed with the French Ministry of Defence for the acquisition of H215 helicopters for the Fuerzas Armadas (Argentinian Armed Forces).

Argentina plan to acquire 12 H215 helicopters. The specific version of the new helicopters has not been disclosed, nor is it clear which aircraft they will replace.

Currently, the Argentine Armed Forces operate a variety of helicopter types, with the most prevalent being those based on the American UH-1 and Bell 206.

According to Aribus, the H215 is a heavyweight, twin-engine CAT A-certified helicopter with outstanding performance, known for its dependable availability rate and competitive operating costs.



The multi-role version has a large reconfigurable cabin, a wide range of equipment options, a night vision goggle-compatible cockpit and all-weather capability that includes a full de-icing system. It covers the full spectrum of public service missions (SAR, medevac, law enforcement, passenger transport, firefighting, disaster relief, etc.), while also extending the roster of missions to aerial work duties.

With a shorter airframe and a lighter configuration, the version for aerial work offers an optimal payload capacity, making it the rotorcraft of choice for aerial work and firefighting missions. This version also can be configured for missions such as utility and passenger transport.



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