Composite Rubber Track integrated onto K9A2 self-propelled howitzer

By Defence Industry Europe

Hanwha Team Thunder UK announced the successful integration of Soucy Defense's Composite Rubber Track (CRT) onto the K9A2 self-propelled howitzer prototype platform.

The K9A2 is the latest variant of the K9 Thunder, one of the most popular tracked self-propelled howitzers in service with and ordered by nine countries around the globe.




“Featuring a fully automatic ammunition handling system and is capable of firing nine to 10 rounds per minute, with just three crew members, the 155mm/52-calibre K9A2 platform will be delivered as a front runner for the UK Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) requirement through Hanwha’s Team Thunder UK with the strongest commitment to maximizing industrial benefits and increasing manufacturing resilience within the UK defence sector through in-country manufacturing, technology transfer, and activation of global K9 supply chains,” the Hanwha Team Thunder UK saind on a social media.

CRT is one of the key innovative technologies featured on the British variant of the K9A2, enabling greater all-weather terrain accessibility for shoot-and-scoot operations. It also reduces noise and vibration, enhancing survivability, system health, and ride quality, while lowering the logistical footprint (maintenance, fuel, spares). This helps maintain and enhance combat effectiveness.

Successfully completed trials under the US Army Authority for AMPV (M113 Replacement Program), CRT was recently selected by two successful OEMs for the US Army’s Bradley replacement program, the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle programme (OMFV).
Exciting times lie ahead for this cutting-edge capability.



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