Czech government approves strategic defence projects including F-35 fighters

By Defence Industry Europe

The Czech government has approved a list of strategic projects for the Czech armed forces, which now includes the procurement of F-35 Lightning II fighter jets. This decision was made during a recent government session, as part of the strategic defence planning in response to the evolving security landscape.


Previously, the strategic project list focused solely on the acquisition of 246 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles. However, the government has now expanded the list to include 24 F-35A Lightning II aircraft, recognizing their crucial role in enhancing the Czech Republic’s defence capabilities and fulfilling its allied commitments.




The Minister of Defence, Jana Černochová, presented the list to the government, aligning with the Czech Republic’s Defence Financing Law. These projects are planned for execution over at least the next three years and are integral to the Czech Republic’s defence strategy and planning documents.

The CV90 vehicles, approved for purchase on May 24, 2023, are expected to play a key role in building a heavy ground brigade, a vital alliance commitment. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, communication tools, and proven durable armor, the CV90s will be delivered in seven versions, including combat, command, reconnaissance, engineering, artillery observation, recovery, and medical variants.


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Regarding the F-35A Lightning II, the government approved the purchase on September 27, 2023, after a year of negotiations and military recommendations. These advanced 5th generation aircraft are expected to safeguard Czech airspace for decades, with their introduction into the armed forces anticipated in 2035. The F-35s are distinguished by their minimal radar visibility, real-time data collection and processing capabilities, and ability to share information with allies. This acquisition significantly boosts the capabilities of the Czech Air Force.



Additionally, the projects are set to have a positive impact on the domestic industry and academic sector. For the F-35A Lightning II purchase, an industrial cooperation deal worth 15.3 billion Czech korunas has been arranged.



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