Der Spiegel: German stocks of artillery ammunition depleted

By Defence Industry Europe, Der Spiegel, Reuters

According to documents obtained by Der Spiegel, German Federal Armed Forces are grappling with a scarcity of high explosive artillery ammunition, with approximately 20,000 remaining in their arsenal.

The dwindling stockpile has prompted concerns over the nation’s defence readiness, leading the German Ministry of Defence to prepare urgent purchase proposals. The documents were prepared as part of an effort to convince the budget committee of the pressing need for immediate action, Der Spiegel reported.

The shortage of artillery shells has been exacerbated by Germany’s decision to provide supplies of 155mm ammunition to Ukraine following Russia’s invasion in February 2022. As a result, the country’s own reserves have been depleted, highlighting the critical need for replenishment. To align with NATO objectives of maintaining sufficient artillery capabilities for 30 days of intensive combat, Germany aims to amass a total of 230,000 shells by 2031, as outlined in the article published by Der Spiegel.



It is reported that German Ministry of Defece intends to present the budget committee with nine contracts in the coming months. These contracts will focus on expediting the acquisition of both artillery and tank ammunition to address the urgent shortage. The accelerated purchase plans are crucial for maintaining Germany’s military preparedness and meeting NATO’s standards for defence capabilities.




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