ELTA Systems delivered all ELM-2084 MMR air defence radars to Czech Republic

By Defence Industry Europe

The Czech Armed Forces have taken a significant step in modernizing their air defence capabilities with the successful delivery of all eight ELM-2084 MMR radars by ELTA Systems, a division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).


In the upcoming months, these advanced radar systems will be gradually integrated into the army’s operations, with the entire system expected to be fully functional by the latter half of next year. The Czech Republic’s decision to acquire these state-of-the-art ELM-2084 MMR mobile 3D air defence radar sets is a strategic move to replace its outdated Russian-made radar technology, which has long surpassed its operational life.




These radars will provide the Czech Army with comprehensive air situation awareness at low and medium altitudes, up to 3000 meters. This capability aligns with the Czech Republic’s national responsibility for airspace surveillance and defence. The ELM-2084 MMR is among the most modern existing systems and is a component of the renowned Iron Dome air defence system.



The deployment plan for these radars includes their introduction into the 26th Command, Control, and Reconnaissance Regiment. Five of the radars will be stationed at fixed military sites, contributing to the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (NATINAMDS). The remaining three radars will be dedicated to protecting strategic national objectives and important defence facilities as part of the Czech Republic’s national emergency air defence system (NaPoSy PVO ČR), as well as fulfilling the country’s commitments to NATO allies under Capability Targets. This acquisition reflects the Czech Republic’s commitment to strengthening its defence infrastructure and aligning with NATO standards.



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