Estonia started tendering process with Lithuania for field hospitals

Source: Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI), Defence Industry Europe

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) has announced a large-scale call for tenders in cooperation with Lithuania for mobile field hospitals and mobile bandaging points. A framework agreement will be awarded for a period of seven years and is expected to cost EUR 150 million.

“In collaboration with Lithuania, the objective of joint procurement is to find a contract partner who would produce and deliver mobile field hospitals and communication nodes to Estonia and Lithuania over the course of seven years. As there are several experienced mobile field hospital manufacturers in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe, we are confident that through international competition, we will ensure the best price and quality ratio for the acquired systems,” said Tarmo Tameri, the category manager for military equipment and life support at the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments.



“As part of the market research, we reached out to eight companies to gain an overview of their previous experience, systems sold, and their capability to produce the systems required for the procurement based on the needs of the buyer,” he added.

‘The experience of the war in Ukraine, in the form of field hospitals sent there, has clearly shown that our long development work has gone in the right direction. Mobility of hospitals and bandaging points is essential to ensure high quality, rapid and safe medical care on the battlefield, and we are taking a big step in this direction with this new procurement,’ the Senior Staff Officer of the Analysis and Planning Department of the Estonian Defence Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Lauri Bender, said. ‘Lessons from Ukraine show that Russia does not care about Red Cross markings on the battlefield – that is why it is essential that medical units are well camouflaged in the terrain and able to change their position continuously and quickly.’


320x250 – for mobile devices


In addition to field hospitals and communication nodes, there are plans to procure separate modules and spare parts. Furthermore, the contract will allow the acquisition of repair, maintenance, and development services, as well as various levels of user training.

The reference number of the public procurement Purchase of mobile field hospitals in the public procurement register is 259625. ECDI have also extended the deadline for submitting the procurement applications until August 31st.



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