EU Satellite Centre: strengthening European capabilities for managing Geospatial Information

Source: European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen)

During 24-26 October 2022, a team of experts from the EU Satellite Centre (SatCen) performed the installation of the GeohuB at the Hellenic Operational Headquarters (OHQ) in Larissa, Greece. This activity is the last milestone of the GeohuB phase 4 which is planned to be finished by December 2022.

GeohuB is a Geospatial Content Manager System which enables a headquarters’ staff sections to share, display and cooperatively generate geospatial information in a user-friendly manner contributing to performing situation analyses and achieving battlefield awareness. GeohuB is a joint endeavour between EDA and SatCen to provide support to Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) operations and missions. The Hellenic OHQ is the third EU OHQ in being provided with such a platform besides the OHQ Operation Irini and the OHQ Operation Atalanta. In addition, it is also used by the EUMM Georgia OHQ and FHQs. As part of the activities conducted during these days, personnel from the Hellenic OHQ nucleus staff received hands-on training to manage the tool functionalities. The training also contributed inter alia to a common understanding of the practicalities of GeohuB to meet operational needs. As GeohuB user community is growing, a user forum is organised annually to gather geo-experts and learn from their experiences.

Geospatial Information to Support Decision-Making in Operations initiative is built under the partnership between EDA and EU SatCen.

GeohuB is becoming a de facto standard for managing Geospatial information in support of CSDP and is properly reflected in the EU Geospatial Concept endorsed by the EU Military Committee in April this year. Conversations are ongoing with Member States and EU Military Staff (EUMS), including other working formats like the EU Military Geospatial Capability Board, to explore options for a GeohuB sustained life cycle, identify new requirements and agree on the way ahead to maximise potential synergies and make the best use of existing instruments.


Read more about GeohuB in European Defence Matters magazine.


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