General Dynamics opens new artillery projectile metal parts production facility

By Defence Industry Europe

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (OTS), a subsidiary of General Dynamics, inaugurated a cutting-edge artillery projectile metal parts facility in Mesquite, Texas. The event, held on May 29, was a collaborative effort with The Joint Program Executive Office for Armaments and Ammunition (JPEO A&A).


The newly launched facility is equipped with advanced automation and innovative manufacturing technologies, prominently featuring Universal Artillery Projectile Lines (UAPL). This modern setup is designed to produce 155mm artillery metal parts with high efficiency and precision. Furthermore, the facility’s scalable production capabilities enable it to manufacture a wide range of projectile metal parts, from 60mm to 155mm calibers.

Firat Gezen, President of General Dynamics OTS, emphasized the strategic importance of this facility. “This Universal Artillery Projectile Line facility was designed and purpose-built to integrate new, innovative manufacturing processes to provide a resilient and enduring industrial capability for our warfighters,” Gezen remarked. He highlighted the collaborative effort behind the project, acknowledging the roles of the Department of Defence, U.S. Army, Congress, industry partners, and the local community. “This project is a testament to what partnership across the Department of Defence, U.S. Army, Congress, Industry, and the local community can accomplish when working together to achieve a common mission and support national security.”



The facility’s establishment is not only a milestone for General Dynamics but also a boost for national security and defence readiness. It underscores the importance of advanced manufacturing capabilities in maintaining the operational effectiveness of U.S. armed forces.

The successful completion of this facility involved the dedicated efforts of several key partners. The U.S. Army and JPEO A&A played crucial roles in supporting and guiding the project. Equipment supplier REPKON, construction company Swinerton, numerous trade partners, and the employees of General Dynamics OTS were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

As the facility begins its operations, it promises to enhance the production capacity and flexibility of artillery projectile manufacturing, ensuring that U.S. warfighters are well-equipped with the necessary artillery components. This development marks a significant step forward in strengthening the industrial capabilities essential for national defence.



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