German frigate Hessen sets sail on planned mission to combat Houthi attacks

Source:, Defence Industry Europe

The German frigate Hessen has set sail to join a planned EU military mission in the Red Sea intended to protect merchant vessels against attacks by the militant-Islamist Houthi group there.


With around 240 soldiers on board, the ship left Germany’s largest naval base in Wilhelmshaven. It is specially designed for escorting vessels and for sea space control. By relocating its warship, the Bundeswehr – the German armed forces – wants to make it possible for Germany to participate in the EU mission to protect merchant shipping.



The Bundestag has yet to issue a mandate – this is expected to happen during the course of February. In view of the risks posed by the Houthi, large shipping companies are increasingly avoiding the shortest sea route between Asia and Europe through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.


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The formal decision to launch the EU mission is to be taken at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on 19 February.





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