Germany: further weapons aid for Ukraine

Source:, Defence Industry Europe

Ahead of an international meeting for the support of Ukraine, Germany’s Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has announced further German weapons aid. “In total, the package will be worth 400 million euros,” Pistorius told the newspaper “Bild”.


“We are supplying additional ammunition: explosive ammunition, mortar ammunition, mine rockets. Ammunition is what Ukraine needs the most in its defensive struggle against the brutal war of aggression,” Pistorius said.



“In addition, we will help with armoured vehicles and mine clearance systems. But we also have our eye on the approaching winter: we will send clothing, but also electricity and heat generators,” he added.



According to an overview released by the Federal Government, Germany has earmarked a total of around 5.4 billion euros for its primarily military support for Ukraine, following a figure of two billion euros last year. For the following years, there are commitment appropriations of around 10.5 billion euros.





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