Germany plans to decommission Tiger attack helicopters by 2032

By Defence Industry Europe

The German Federal Ministry of Defence has disclosed details regarding the phased retirement of the Airbus Tiger combat helicopters currently in service with the Bundeswehr.


According to statements from officials in Berlin, the final units are scheduled to conclude their service by 2032, with the current fleet of 55 helicopters to be gradually reduced over the coming years, reaching 33 units by 2028. Initially, some helicopters were expected to remain operational until 2038, but economic considerations have led to an acceleration of the retirement schedule.



By 2028, the helicopters are to be systematically upgraded to the ASGARD standard. Authorities in Berlin emphasize that the retiring Tigers will serve as a source of spare parts for the remaining fleet, theoretically enhancing the operational readiness of those that continue in service.

In parallel, the German Defence Ministry is preparing to introduce the multi-purpose Airbus H145M helicopters, contracted by BAAINBw in December of the previous year, as an interim solution until the requirements for a final replacement are determined.



Germany thus becomes the second country to decide on the retirement of Tiger combat helicopters. In contrast, Australia has chosen the Boeing AH-64E Apache as its successor, while Spain and France will continue to operate the Tigers, linking their use to an upgrade to the Mk II+ standard.



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