Germany to arm its Eurofighters with Brimstone anti-tank missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) plan to arm their fleet of Eurofighter aircraft with Brimstone anti-tank guided missiles, manufactured by the European defence company MBDA.


According to Germany’s defence procurement plans revealed on social media by Matthias Gebauer, a journalist from “Spiegel,” the German Armed Forces intend to purchase 274 Brimstone missiles. This new weapon system will be carried by the Eurofighter Typhoon jets of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). According to documents, a contract for Brimstone missiles is expected to be signed in the second quarter of this year.



Armed with Brimstone anti-tank guided missiles, German Eurofighter jets will receive a new capability to strike against surface targets. According to open sources, the range of a Brimstone missile fired from aircraft can reach approximately 20km.

So far, the Brimstone missile was integrated with Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft of the Royal Air Force (RAF). Moreover, Britain’s Tornado jets were fitted for carrying this weapon too.



According to MBDA, operationally deployed in the Afghanistan and Libya conflicts, Brimstone has proved to be the weapon of choice with its ability to perform surgical strikes in time-critical missions with a true day and night capability.

Notably, Brimstone anti-tank missiles are currently used in the high-intensity conflict in Ukraine. As carriers of these missiles, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using ground vehicles.



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