G&H to supply periscopes for the UK’s Challenger 3 program

G&H press release

A contract to supply unique periscope technology as part of the UK’s Challenger 3 program to upgrade the British Army’s main battle tanks has been won by G&H.

Rheinmetall Electronics UK (REUK) has awarded a £4.1M Challenger 3 contract to G&H for the supply of a custom specific variant of the Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) for integration into the Trailblazer Driver Vision System.

Challenger 3 is a new main battle tank being developed by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL), a joint venture between UK-based BAE Systems and Germany-based Rheinmetall. The program will make significant enhancements to the vehicle and provide the British Army with a world-class capability, made in the UK.

G&H Kent Embedded Image Periscope (EIP).
Image: G&H.

The EIP, part of G&H’s Kent defense brand, has a highly adapted user interface designed for the Challenger 3 driver compartment. The product has been specially configured to provide protection in specific battle conditions and customized to work as an integrated part of REUK’s Trailblazer.

The product solution includes a novel display for comfortable viewing for the vehicle driver while on long duration missions and incorporates integrated electronic display and classic direct view periscope technology. It has a newly designed and innovative compact biocular system to aid eye relief.

Karen Driver, G&H Sales Director, Aerospace and Defense said: “Working with REUK on Challenger 3 is a hugely significant and important achievement for the design, engineering and commercial teams at G&H. It further cements the heritage around the Kent brand in the defense market. Since acquiring Kent Periscopes in 2016, G&H has continuously built on, and put faith, in the capabilities of the staff and the products. G&H confidently expects to win more business of this type in the coming years, and we will continue to grow our defense solutions and capabilities.”

The Challenger 3 EIP design and prototype systems will be completed in the newly established G&H Optical Systems Innovation Hub in St. Asaph, North Wales. Production manufacturing will take place at the G&H flagship manufacturing site in Ilminster, Somerset.

Richard Streeter, REUK’s Managing Director said: “We are very pleased to have G&H on-board, delivering this important component into the Challenger 3 program. The display system is critical; delivering front and rear views from the Trailblazer camera modules, enabling the driver to carry out the platform mission. The G&H solution allows a comfortable operating view suitable for long mission periods, while minimizing the driver’s eye strain. The G&H technology is unique and the team at St. Asaph and Ilminster are experts in delivering complex electro-optic solutions.”

The Challenger program contract will support the growth of G&H’s Optical Systems Innovation Hub and has allowed for further recruitment within both the R&D engineering department and program management at the hub, as well as an apprentice training scheme at the manufacturing site in Ilminster. The Challenger 3 program will enhance the business and promote further investment in defense infrastructure along with underpinning the security protocols across both facilities.


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