Hungarian Defence Forces to be equipped with RGW 110 anti-tank weapon

By Defence Industry Europe

German company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) and its Hungarian partner, a state-owned company N7 Holding Ltd have signed an agreement to establish a joint venture company in Hungary. The new entity will be the part of DND supply chain for the production of modern anti-tank weapons. The joint venture's first project will be the production and delivery of the RGW 110 HHT-T anti-tank weapon systems for the Hungarian land forces.

The joint venture agreement between Dynamit Nobel Defence and N7 Holding Ltd was formally signed on December 9.

According to the Hungarian Ministry of Defence, “the joint venture will help start the rebuilding of Hungary’s defence industry” and “Hungarian armed forces will have equipment that guarantees the security of Hungarian people”.

A few days later, some German media reported that the joint venture was awarded a contract for the production and delivery to the Hungarian Armed Forces of an unspecified amount of DND-developed RGW 110 HH-T (Recoilless Grenade Weapon, 110 mm,  HEAT/HESH Tandem) anti-tank weapon systems.

This means the Hungarian Defence Forces will become the first user of the RGW 110 HH-T and it will overtake even the German Armed Forces, according to whose technical and tactical requirements Dynamit Nobel Defence has developed this state-of-the-art weapon system (German Armed Forces plans to replace the Panzerfaust-3 with the RGW-110).

The production of RGW-110 for the Hungarian Defence Forces is to take place in the N7 Holding Ltd new facility, which is to be built in Kiskunfélegyházá. A Dynamit Nobel Defence representative quoted by the German media said that this facility will become part of the supply chain not only for RGW 110 but for RGW 90 as well.

Moreover, the joint venture will take part in the production of the RGW weapons family also for other customers.

However, the crucial components of the RGW anti-tank weapon family – especially warheads – are still to be manufactured at the Dynamit Nobel Defence facility in Burbach, Germany.



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