IDF employs PULS rocket artillery system during ongoing war

By Arie Egozi

The PULS rocket artillery system is being used extensively by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in the ongoing war in Gaza and Lebanon. The very accurate rockets launched by the systems have destroyed a great number of targets on the two fronts.


The PULS is made by the land systems department of Elbit Systems. The IDF’s version is carried by a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT), an eight-wheel drive, diesel-powered, 10-short-ton (9,100kg) tactical truck.



The types of very accurate rockets launched by the IDF’s PULS are classified, but sources say that they have a “major effect on the battle.” The PULS is a launcher carried by a heavy truck and capable of launching different types of rockets to ranges of up to 300km.

According to the official Elbit brochure, “The multi-purpose launcher features two PODS; each POD is designed for a specific rocket type: the Accular 122mm (18 rockets) with a range of up to 35km, the Accular 160mm (10 rockets) with a range of up to 40km, the EXTRA (4 rockets) with a range of up to 150 km, and the Predator Hawk (2 rockets) with a range of up to 300km.”



Elbit has taken this system some steps forward and recently unveiled the Light PULS. This, according to the company, is a “lightweight airborne” version of the rocket launcher system developed to meet the battlefield challenges of Special Operations Forces operating in remote, high-risk locations that are beyond the range of traditional artillery fire support.



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