Iran unveils advanced Karrar UAV with Majid missiles

By Arie Egozi

While the Russian defense industry is busy supplying the needed hardware for the war in Ukraine, Iran is developing new systems that will also find their way to the Russian armed forces. Since the beginning of 2023, the Iranians have supplied Russia with a great number of armed UAVs used against the Ukrainian forces.


Now the Iranians are moving forward and are displaying a new, more advanced system.

According to a report in the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Iranian TV unveiled the new armed UAV.

Iran’s Army showcased its Karrar interceptor UAV on a December 10, 2023, show on Channel 1 (Iran). According to the show, the Karrar UAV is equipped with the Majid air-to-air missile and can intercept both manned and unmanned aircraft.




According to the report, dozens of Karrar interceptor UAVs, equipped with Majid air-to-air missiles, were added to the battle array of the army’s air-defense force.
“This is the Iranian-made interceptor Karrar UAV. It has high maneuverability in intercepting targets nearing our country’s airspace.

“Obviously, the Karrar UAV does not need a runway. It can be launched on an interception [mission] from any geographic location and surprise the enemy. Sometimes, the enemy’s ‘birds’ insist on entering our airspace. In such cases, Karrar uses its smart weapon.”

According to the report, the Majid missile can follow manned and unmanned aerial targets, using its thermal system and electronic eye, and then destroy them.
“The Karrar UAV, equipped with a Tolou jet engine and a Majid missile, is now delivered to the air-defense commands in the country, in order to best defend our airspace.”



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