Italy intends to acquire 1,000 new infantry fighting vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Italian government plans to invest around EUR 5 billion in the purchase of a new tracked platform. This new vehicle will serve as the basis for a new infantry fighting vehicle and other specialised vehicles for the Italian Army.


Previously, the programme was known under the acronym AICS (Armoured Infantry Combat System). It is currently referred to as A2CS (Army Armoured Combat System). The plan involves acquiring about 1,000 armoured tracked vehicles.



The purchase of these vehicles includes a version of the infantry fighting vehicle, which will replace the still-used VCC-80 Dardo, as well as various specialised variants, including a self-propelled anti-aircraft defence system.

The new vehicles will have modular, scalable armour and an open architecture, which will facilitate future upgrades, as well as communication and command systems enabling cooperation with other vehicles and unmanned systems.




The Italian government also plans to establish cooperation with foreign partners. Potential partners include KNDS, with whom Rome intends to cooperate in the MGCS programme, and the Rheinmetall group, which could offer the KF41 Lynx infantry fighting vehicle.

Earlier reports also indicated interest from the Esercito Italiano in the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle, which is a product of BAE Systems Hägglunds.



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