KNDS UK secures GBP 150 million contract for advanced military bridges

By Defence Industry Europe

The UK Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) has signed a GBP 150 million contract with KNDS UK (formerly WFEL Limited). The contract focuses on supplying the British Army with advanced general support bridges.


These bridges, integral to battlefield mobility, are part of an innovative design capable of supporting the weight of the British Army’s newest tank, the Challenger 3. Capable of extending up to 46 meters, they are designed for use in various terrains, enhancing the British Army’s ability to maneuver and provide aid in combat and disaster relief scenarios.


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This deal, which will create and secure 300 jobs in the UK, marks a significant investment in the country’s defence industry. The bridges will replace the older BR90 ABLE system and are designed to be compatible with systems used by NATO allies, promoting interoperability in joint operations.



The project, part of the broader Project TYRO, aims to enhance the mobility and operational capacity of the British Army’s Armoured Brigade Combat Teams across challenging environments.



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