Leonardo provides latest-generation Marlin 40 naval defence system to Indonesia

Source: Leonardo

The Independent Line of Sight (ILOS) variant of the 40mm turret will equip the Indonesian Navy’s PC60 fast patrol boats and Tank Landing Ship vessels.

Leonardo’s Marlin 40 naval remote weapon system has been selected to equip two Indonesian Navy PC60 fast patrol boats currently under construction at PT Caputra Mitra Sejati shipyard. This follows the procurement in 2021 of four Marlin 40 systems for two PC60 vessels and two Teluk Bintuni-class tank landing ships (LSTs). Both PC60 and LST will be equipped with the Marlin 40 Independent Line of Sight (ILOS) variant, the most feature-rich version of the turret. Further PC60 and LST vessels are expected to be built by Indonesian shipyards for the Navy.

The Marlin 40 turret is a fully digitized system. It is lightweight, compact and easy to integrate. This means that the turret can be integrated onto all types of naval platforms as a primary or secondary defence system. Capable of anti-air and anti-surface defence, the Marlin 40 has a range of over four kilometres, is ITAR-free and can integrate with all currently-available naval Combat Management Systems (CMS).

The Independent Line of Sight (ILOS) variant of the 40mm turret will equip the Indonesian Navy’s PC60 fast patrol boats and Tank Landing Ship vessels.
Photo: Leonardo.

The ILOS variant of Marlin 40 chosen by the Indonesian Navy is a highly-effective precision-fire system which can operate autonomously via a local control console. This brings together and processes the targeting data received from the turret’s own dedicated electro-optical system, external fire control systems and ship’s data, ensuring precision while incorporating a level of redundancy. The electro-optical director can rotate independently of the line of fire to deliver panoramic surveillance through a highly accurate sensor suite comprising a daylight camera, an InfraRed (IR) camera and a laser range finder.

This latest contract further develops Leonardo’s strong partnership with the Indonesian Navy, which has previously selected the company for its naval gunnery requirements. Today, 38 Indonesian vessels are operating Leonardo weapon systems. The Navy’s inventory includes Leonardo’s Marlin 30, Marlin 40 Twin Barrel and 76/62 SuperRapid. The latter is the best-selling medium-caliber naval gun mount available on the market, employed by 60 Navies and already installed on 15 Indonesian Navy vessels.

The Marlin 40 is the latest addition to Leonardo’s portfolio of naval defence systems and is in service with 30 naval forces worldwide. In addition to the ILOS variant, Marlin 40 is available as a 40mm Remotely-Controlled turret. Leonardo also offers the Marlin 30 in three variants: RC (Remotely-Controlled), COAX (Coaxial Electro-Optical Sensor Suite) and ILOS (Independent Line of Sight). The selection of Marlin 40 for the Indonesian Navy strengthens Leonardo’s presence in the Indo-Pacific naval defence systems market.


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