Lithuania enhances technical support for Abrams tanks at military maintenance facility

Source: Lithuanian Armed Forces, Defence Industry Europe

The Logistical Support Command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces starts 2024 with continued commitment to the Allies and delivering on one of the central missions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces logistical capabilities: Host Nation Support. Members of the rotational U.S. force in Lithuania have been maintaining their equipment in the most updated and advanced technical facility of the Lithuanian Armed Forces at Rukla.


Abrams tanks and service specialists of the U.S. Armed Forces arrived at the Lithuanian Armed Forces Deport Service maintenance facility in the earliest days of this year. Lithuanian and Americans will collaborate to ensure maintenance of one of the heaviest types of tanks in the U.S. Armed Forces that weigh over 61 tons.



The most elaborate Lithuanian military maintenance facility has been equipped with cutting-edge systems to ensure fast and high-quality repair. For instance, an overhead crane installed in the facility is especially helpful with the heavy equipment servicing. That is a capability the U.S. Allies did not have access to in the deployment area in Pabradė.



The facility is yet another element strengthening the technical basis capability at the Lithuanian Armed Forces. It not only enhances technical support to the Allies but also maintains the partnership. It is notable that the Lithuanian Armed Forces not only develops the vehicle fleet but also does not fall behind with maintenance infrastructure development to ensure service for both Lithuanian Armed Forces and Allied equipment.



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