Lithuania handed over to Ukraine heavy mortars based on M113 PACs

Source: Ministry of National Defence, Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania continues suitably supporting Ukraine militarily: the Armed Forces of Ukraine Monday received mobile heavy mortars mounted on M113 PACs from Lithuania.

Lithuania handed over 12 items of M113 APCs: 10 with 120mm mobile mortars mounted on them and 2 for the role of fire control. Ukraine also received the 120mm ammunition for the weapons.

To date, Lithuania has handed over 62 items of different modifications of M113 APCs to Ukraine.

Photo: Ministry of National Defence (Republic of Lithuania)
Photo: Ministry of National Defence (Republic of Lithuania)

“Lithuania continues fulfilling its obligations. I wish to thank all Lithuanian Armed Forces personnel and professionals of the National Defence System who arranged and implemented the logistical side of it at a very short notice,” says Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas.

The military assistance supplied to Ukraine by the Lithuanian National Defence System so far includes different types of weapons, ammunition, thermo-imaging equipment, UAVs, anti-drone equipment, training for military personnel, and other assistance matched to Ukraine’s request.


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