Lithuanian public shows strong support for German brigade stationing

By Defence Industry Europe

A recent public opinion poll conducted by Spinter Research on behalf of the Strategic Communications Department of the Lithuanian Armed Forces has revealed strong support among Lithuanian citizens for the deployment of German military personnel in Lithuania.


The survey, conducted between November 17 and 29, shows an overwhelming 82% approval for the stationing of a German brigade in Lithuania, with a positive view of the German military at 83%.

The Lithuanian public also recognizes the significant contribution of the German brigade to national security, with 76% of respondents believing that it will strengthen Lithuania’s defense capabilities. More than half of the participants anticipate that this improvement in security will be substantial.


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The decision to station the enhanced Vigilance Activity (eVA) Brigade in Lithuania was made in 2022. Since then, the eVA 41st Brigade Forward Command Element was deployed in Rukla, facilitating exercise planning and managing the arrival of troops from Germany. These brigade elements have been actively training with Lithuanian and other Allied troops.

On December 7, 2023, the 21st German brigade officially took over the baton from the eVA brigades. This transition was further solidified on December 18, 2023, when Lithuania and Germany signed an Action Plan, outlining the steps for further brigade stationing.

The German brigade is expected to arrive gradually from 2024, reaching Full Operational Capability by 2027. Approximately 5,000 military and civilian personnel, some accompanied by families due to the extended rotation, will form the brigade.


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The brigade’s core will consist of five battalions, including tanks and artillery units. The military personnel will be stationed in Rūdninkai and Rukla, with additional deployments in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Key units such as the 203rd Panzer Battalion from North Rhine-Westphalia and the 122nd Armored Infantry Battalion from Bavaria will relocate to Lithuania, integrating with the existing enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group Lithuania.



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