Lockheed Martin signs $7.8 billion contract for 126 F-35 fighters

By Defence Industry Europe

On April 28, the Pentagon announced it has awarded a large contract for the production of 126 (Lot 17) F-35 multirole aircraft to American defence giant Lockheed Martin.

The value of the contract is $7.8 billion.

Under this agreement, Lockheed Martin will produce 81 F-35A (43 for the U.S. Air Force and 38 for third countries: Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, Belgium and Denmark), 26 F-35B (15 for the U.S. Marine Corps and 11 for the third countries: United Kingdom, Italy and Japan) and 19 F-35C (13 for the U.S. Navy and six for the U.S. Marine Corps).

The contract is expected to be finalized by August 2026, the Pentagon said in a statement.




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