MilDef wins strategic hardware order from a European NATO nation

Source: MilDef, Defence Industry Europe

MilDef has won an order to deliver newly developed hardware to an unnamed European NATO nation. At the same time, MilDef has been entrusted to deliver tactical IT to new strategic projects in both land and air defence, in this nation. The order is a call-off on the current framework agreement and an effect of the nation accelerating the build-up of its defence capabilities. The order is worth SEK 30 million and deliveries are expected to take place in 2024.


The 20-year framework agreement with the armed forces in an unnamed European NATO nation is about modernizing and digitalizing the country’s defence. MilDef is now starting to deliver tactical IT equipment, such as computers, monitors, network infrastructure and software to the Armed Forces in question. In addition to the actual order of uniquely developed hardware for, for example, battle management systems, MilDef’s involvement in both ground and air defence systems is now deepening.



“After intensified cooperation and pre-studies with the relevant nation’s defence materiel authority, hardware orders are now being placed. This call-off is an example of how the armed forces first order platforms and vehicles and then design and order the IT power that makes a real difference. These deliveries become valuable reference systems for expanded and future orders from the agency in question. Among NATO countries, this also offers a leading system design that can be replicated among other nations that demand cutting-edge digitalization,” says Daniel Ljunggren, CEO MilDef.


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The order also includes MilDef’s deployment software OneCIS, which will be used on both static and deployable infrastructure.



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