MSPO 2022: PCO to present cutting-edge technology for optoelectronic equipment

Source: MSPO 2022

Polish company PCO is a leading domestic producer of technologically advanced optoelectronic equipment based on night vision, thermal imaging, and laser technologies. Its solutions make the best of modern scientific achievements. The products manufactured by PCO are recognized both among military recipients as well as domestic and foreign manufacturers who cooperate with the company.

As part of the Polish Armaments Group’s (PGZ) exhibition at MSPO 2022, PCO will present a number of proven optoelectronic devices and several novelties, including day-night sight system of the assault rifle composed of the DCM-1 Szafir modular day sight, the NT thermovision cap -2 and night vision NN-1 and the laser pointer WL-1T.

Other PCO products presented at the military show: MU-3ADM Koliber Night Vision Monocular, PNL-3M Orlik Aviation Night Vision Goggles, NPL-1T Agat Thermal Binoculars, MZN-1 Modular Night Vision Set, DCM-1 Sapphire Modular Daylight Sight. The products on show also include Thermal Imaging Cameras: KMW-3 Temida, KDN-1T and the PCT-72 Periscope Thermal Vision Sight, as well as the new GOS-1 optoelectronic head.

The products’ and services’ high quality have been confirmed by certificates and awards.


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