NATO’s deployable air command and control experts return to Italy

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

Following an over four-week deployment in Germany during exercise Ramstein Dust 2023, staff and equipment from NATO’s Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC), Recognised Air Picture Production Centre, and Sensor Fusion Post (DARS) components returned to their home base Poggio Renatico, Italy.

DARS deployed to Germany to play a critical role in providing reliable and secure tactical control between airborne and ground-based assets as NATO’s contribution to German-led exercise Air Defender 23, the largest ever air deployment exercise with participation from 25 NATO Allies and Partners.

“The DARS personnel, together with the support of the DACCC logistical department, displayed a very professional attitude and gave 100% commitment. The huge number of operations handled per day shows the professionalism and attitude they have,” said Major General Denny Traas, Commander of the DACCC. “Given the role and expertise the DACCC already has in relation to AirC2, this should come as no surprise. Our personnel can develop a number of core air capabilities, and DARS as a tactical mobile command and control centre that can be rapidly deployed in support of NATO air operations is one of them,” he concluded.

The deployment of DARS was a crucial step in improving collective security, demonstrating interoperability between NATO air forces and operational reinforcements from across the Atlantic.

DARS provided aircraft control, air surveillance, battle management, and air/ground support functions for the exercise. Following the build-up phase and integration into NATINAMDS, DARS controlled and conducted an average of 170 missions per day, divided into three major Composite Air Operations or COMAOs, under the supervision of the German Joint Force Air Component in Kalkar, Germany.

DACCC deployment exercises in support of multinational major live-fly events are vital, not just for the training they provide managing and executing air command and control operations, but also for the opportunities they offer for each aspect of the unit to put its quick deploy capabilities to the test in real-life scenarios.



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