Netherlands to provide 18 F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The Netherlands has announced its decision to supply Ukraine with at least 18 F-16 fighter aircraft. This commitment aligns with a pledge made during Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's visit earlier this year.


The decision to ready the F-16s allows for the allocation of necessary personnel and budget to prepare for the delivery. This move follows the Netherlands’ recent contribution to the European F-16 training center in Romania, which was ceremonially opened last month by Dutch and Romanian defence ministers.

Dutch defence minister Kasja Ollongren emphasized that the provision of F-16s will significantly enhance Ukraine’s defensive capabilities against ongoing Russian attacks. She noted the critical importance of continued Dutch support for Ukraine, considering the persisting Russian aggression.



The export of these aircraft is subject to stringent control measures to ensure responsible end use. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs will evaluate the aircraft against the European Union’s arms export criteria. Based on this assessment, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation will make a decision on granting an export licence.

Before the F-16s are delivered to Ukraine, several prerequisites must be met. These include the availability of trained Ukrainian personnel and suitable infrastructure in Ukraine. Additionally, all aircraft will undergo thorough inspections and modifications as necessary, with some requiring overhauls.



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