Norway plans to acquire a long-range GBAD system

By Defence Industry Europe

In the coming years, Norway is planning to launch a program aimed at implementing a long-range air defence system (GBAD) into the Norwegian Armed Forces.

This information was provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in the recently published document “Future Acquisition for the Norwegian Defence Sector 2023-2030”.

According to the document, the program is set to be initiated in 2029. “The purpose of the project is to enhance Norway’s ability to protect important infrastructure against airborne platforms and long-range precision munitions,” stated the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in the document. “The project will procure long-range ground-based air defence for integration into existing GBAD,” it emphasized.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence outlined in the document that the cost of implementing the new long-range GBAD system will amount to approximately NOK 19-23 billion (around EUR 1.6 billion – 1.9 billion).

It is worth noting that in October 2022, Norway joined the pan-European program, the European Sky Shield Initiative. According to its principles, the preferred long-range air defence system is the Patriot system.



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