Orbiter 2 LM: a new loitering munition system from Aeronautics

By Defence Industry Europe

Renowned Israeli drone manufacturer Aeronautics has announced a new addition to its advanced portfolio of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with the launch of the Orbiter 2 LM. This state-of-the-art loitering munition system boasts enhanced capabilities such as long endurance, persistent surveillance, and optimal precision with minimal collateral damage, making it suitable for a wide range of missions, the company revealed in a press release.


The Orbiter 2 LM represents an optimal fusion of loitering munition functionality and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. With an impressive endurance of two hours, the system offers high mission flexibility, ensuring success in unpredictable operational scenarios, particularly those involving time-sensitive targets. It is fully operational in GPS-denied areas, leveraging advanced communication systems that are immune to interference and encrypted for secure data transmission. Additionally, it supports full connectivity to external Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems.

The Orbiter 2 Sensor-to-Shooter (STS) Mission System is based on two combat-proven, fixed-wing, electric UAVs – the Orbiter 2 ISR and the Orbiter 2 LM. Both systems share a common platform, communication data link, control station, and operational software. This integration facilitates enhanced mission versatility, enabling comprehensive intelligence gathering, precise target pinpointing, and effective battle damage assessment (BDA) through the Orbiter 2 ISR, while allowing rapid target engagement with the Orbiter 2 LM.

The STS mission system excels in performance, offering a fast sensor-to-shooter mission cycle and operational flexibility, all within a compact logistics footprint. It also provides efficient flight training capabilities by utilizing the Orbiter 2 ISR for a variety of operational scenarios. Both the Orbiter 2 LM and Orbiter ISR are equipped with high-resolution day and infrared (IR) electro-optical payloads, onboard Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), and Video Motion Detection (VMD), significantly enhancing their operational effectiveness.



Powered by electricity, the Orbiter 2 LM and Orbiter ISR are characterized by low acoustic, optical, and radar cross-section (RCS) signatures. Their simplicity of operation allows a team of just two personnel to manage the system after only a few weeks of training.

“Aeronautics has built a strong global reputation in the tactical UAV domain, addressing the rising demand for autonomous capabilities on the modern battlefield,” said Dan Slasky, President & CEO of Aeronautics. “The integration of the Orbiter 2 LM into our Sensor-to-Shooter system empowers field forces with accurate intelligence and attack capabilities, ensuring the seamless execution of multiple tasks. Customers who already deploy the Orbiter 2 system can now enhance their capabilities by incorporating a loitering munition system that easily interfaces with their current command, control, and communication systems. The Orbiter 2 LM represents a significant advancement in tactical unmanned aerial systems, meeting the evolving needs of modern warfare.”



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