PESCO: two new maritime projects launched

Source: PESCO

Two critical projects in the maritime domain, launched under the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), have plotted a clear way ahead on the future development of their projects. The Critical Seabed Infrastructure Protection (CSIP) and Essential Elements of European Escorts (4E) projects recently held meetings at the European Defence Agency (EDA), bringing together Member States and industry representatives to shape the future development of these projects, both deemed key for future European maritime capabilities.


The PESCO project CSIP was launched in May 2023 within the fifth wave of PESCO projects and is led by Italy, while the 4E project is led by Spain following its launch in November 2021. Ten projects have been launched under PESCO in the maritime domain, which also includes the development of the next generation corvette and an anti-torpedo torpedo.



Workshop on PESCO project CSIP – March 2024

Gathering seven Member States, the CSIP project aims at increasing the EU’s operational efficiency in the protection of critical maritime infrastructure by making best use of current, and the development of future, underwater assets. It aims at delivering an operationally relevant capability that will enable underwater situational awareness and enhance the protection of critical infrastructures laid on the seabed.

Hosted at EDA, the CSIP workshop brought together expert planners from interested Member States to stimulate the discussion and foster the creation of an actionable roadmap for the effective implementation of the project at different time horizons: the short, medium and long term. A full day was dedicated to the defence industry, where 23 different EU industries presented their approach and proposals to support the development of the project and its related capabilities.  At the end of the three day-workshop, the involved Member States agreed on a roadmap and the next steps to be taken in the coming months.


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4E PESCO project meeting – March 2024

The PESCO 4E project is a cornerstone of European naval development, aiming to equip future warships with the most advanced systems, capable of meeting the evolving demands of global security, while fostering interoperability and logistical support between participating nations. Encompassing 13 critical systems across five key pillars – System of Systems, Communication & Information Systems, Navigation Systems, Platform Management, and Combat System – the project will ensure European naval vessels remain at the forefront of technological innovation.

Along with the lead nation, Spain, EDA hosted representatives of the project members; Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Sweden, plus German representatives as observers.  The meet also heard from key figures from the industry sector who were also present in a second session.


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The focus of the meeting was to collaboratively assess the current state of the project. This comprehensive analysis allowed for the presentation of a clear roadmap for the future, outlining the upcoming milestones and development phases.




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