RAF evaluates Rampage missiles for Typhoon aircraft fleet

By Arie Egozi

The Royal Air Force is evaluating the Elbit Systems Ramapge supersonic air-ground missile for its Typhoon fighter aircraft, as one option for replacing the currently used Storm Shadow missiles. If the British select the Israeli-made missiles, the deal will include a very advanced new version of the missile.

Experts from the Royal Air Force recently visited Israel to receive a full briefing on this highly advanced missile used by the Israeli Air Force. Elbit could not offer a comment at the time this story was written.

Britain is seeking a replacement for its stock of Storm Shadow missiles, which are expensive and were sent to Ukraine to assist the country in its conflict with Russia. On May 11, the UK government confirmed that an undisclosed number of Storm Shadow missiles were donated to Ukraine. The Storm Shadow cruise missile has a range of over 150 miles, triple the range of the missiles Ukraine had previously used.

The Ramapge missile was developed jointly by Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). According to the companies, the Rampage offers a unique combination of know-how, technological assets, and cumulative experience from both companies. It was developed to address the operational need for a “Stand-Off” munition, dropped from outside the area protected by air defence missiles.

The Rampage features a warhead, rocket, and advanced navigation system that enable the precise execution of assault missions on high-quality, well-protected targets. It offers optimal penetration capability into protected areas and minimizes collateral damage compared to existing solutions, resulting in a low mission cost. The Rampage can operate in various weather conditions, day and night, and offers simplified operation without the need for direct human involvement. It can be carried on a wide range of aircraft manufactured by Western or Eastern countries. The missile has a total weight of 570 kg and measures 4.7 meters in length.



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