Rheinmetall SSW40: the 40mm fire support weapon for superior infantry firepower

Source: Rheinmetall, Defence Industry Europe

Rheinmetall is presenting the world's first automatic, magazine-loaded, shoulder-fired grenade launcher at DSEI 2023. Both weight, dimensions and handling of the SSW40 are similar to assault rifles. Thanks to a recoil-reducing and self-regulating recoil system, the SSW40 (Squad Support Weapon 40) can fire all available 40mm Low Velocity (LV) ammunition types as well as the new Rheinmetall 40mm Medium Velocity (MV) ammunition.


The new MV ammunition has a significantly increased velocity and a flat trajectory, allowing targets to be engaged more quickly and increasing the effective range of the system to 900m. Combined with the broad spectrum of Rheinmetall’s 40mm LV/MV ammunition portfolio, the infantry user achieves unprecedented flexibility and effectiveness on the battlefield of the future.



Due to the 40mm MV ammunition, the development of the SSW40 is closely related to the turret independent secondary weapon system (TSWA, Turmunabhängige Sekundärwaffenanlage in Germany) for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle. The TSWA enables the engagement of targets in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle with both non-lethal effectors as well as the lethal warheads of the new 40mm MV ammunition family. The market introduction of this 40mm MV ammunition family was decisive for the SSW40, the development of which will be completed in 2023.

The 40mm MV ammunition family combines Rheinmetall’s combined experience in 40mm LV and High Velocity (HV) ammunition. Therefore, the SSW40 can be used with the following ammunition types:

  • HE Fragmentation (HEFRAG)
  • Anti-Tank (HEDP)
  • Door Breaching (HEBE)
  • Air Burst (HEAB)
  • Training (TPM, TPM-T)
  • Illumination / Fog
  • Sound & Flash and Riot Control Ammunition (CS)

By quick magazine change, the SSW40 offers superior firepower in any terrain, any situation, even against medium-weight armoured vehicles.

The interfaces on the SSW40 also allow the use of many accessories e.g. laser light modules, fire control units, IR programmers for airburst ammunition as well as integration on ring mounts and bipods.



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