Rohde & Schwarz: technology systems for deployment on land, in the air and at sea

Source: Rohde & Schwarz

At this year's IDEF, taking place from July 25 to 28, 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey, the Rohde & Schwarz is showcasing enhanced situational awareness with COMINT solutions, naval communications systems, air traffic control, security scanners and test and measurement systems.

The trusted communications and intelligence solutions provided by Rohde & Schwarz provide information superiority and ensure situational awareness in operational scenarios. The company’s products and systems are supported by uncompromising service that ensures lifecycle support within and outside the region.

As a recognized industry partner, Rohde & Schwarz provides market leading test and measurement solutions for radar, electronic warfare, satellite, navigation, guidance, communications and radio monitoring systems. With excellence in test and measurement and decades of industry experience, we provide the means for our customers to push the limits of technological progress in aerospace, defense and space.



Rohde & Schwarz is a key partner to the armed forces, law enforcement, government authorities as well as domestic and international security organizations. The company produces high technology solutions at company-owned sites with a deep industrial value chains and vertical integration. The sensor, antenna and software portfolios provide cutting-edge EW solutions for spectrum dominance and situational awareness.

The R&S®QPS security scanners are cutting-edge high-resolution scanners for faster and more effective security operations that is unobtrusive and provides a convenient experience for scanned persons.



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