Romania to buy F-35 Lightning II fighters

By Defence Industry Europe

Romania aims to sign a deal for the purchase of Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II combat fighters in 2023 or next year. Major General Teodor Incicaș, Head of the General Directorate for Armaments at the Romanian Ministry of National Defence, made this announcement.

According to him, Romania’s Ministry of National Defence plans to receive the first squadron of fighter jets after 2030.

Currently, a potential order requires the completion of all legislative steps, such as obtaining the conclusion of the Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT) and the decision of Parliament.

The Head of the General Directorate for Armaments stressed that the procurement program is F-35 complex and will require investment, including in military infrastructure.

To implement the plan to receive the first squadron of aircraft in the 2030s, Romania needs to carry out comprehensive steps, such as infrastructure analysis and investing in it. Aircraft acquisition is also a complex process in terms of coordination and delivery.

“It is desirable that this year or next year we take the first steps to sign a contract for the F-35,” Incicaș concluded.

He stressed that this approach cannot be implemented without the approval of the country’s supreme defense council and without the prior approval of the Romanian parliament.




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