Russia relocates S-400 air defence systems from Kaliningrad to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

Recent extraordinary movements in Russian air transport during November suggest that Russia has likely moved S-400 Triumf air defence systems from the Kaliningrad region to bolster its forces on the Ukrainian front. This information was disclosed by the British Ministry of Defence on Sunday.


In its daily intelligence update, the British Defence Ministry highlighted that this relocation follows a noted increase in losses of the S-400 Triumf (NATO code SA-21 Growler) air defence systems in the Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, observed since late October.


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The Kaliningrad region, being Russia’s most westerly outpost and bordered on three sides by NATO member states, including Poland, is considered one of its most strategically sensitive areas. The British Defence Ministry pointed out that the apparent willingness of the Russian Ministry of Defence to accept additional risks in this region underscores the strain the war with Ukraine has put on some of Russia’s key, modern capabilities.



The S-400 Triumf is one of Russia’s most advanced air defence systems, and its redeployment away from Kaliningrad marks a significant shift in Russian military strategy. This move reflects the ongoing challenges Russia faces in sustaining its military campaign in Ukraine.



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