Saab’s Arexis selected for German Eurofighter electronic warfare variant

Source: Saab

Germany’s defence procurement office (BAAINBw) has selected Saab’s Arexis sensor suite as the preferred solution for the German Eurofighter Electronic Warfare (EW) variant. At this point, Saab has not yet signed a contract nor received an order relating to this.

Last year, German officials stated the intention to enable 15 of the German Air Force’s Eurofighters for EW missions. Proceeding with Saab’s Arexis follows the result of a market survey recently conducted by BAAINBw which assessed the products of European and international EW providers, considering aspects such as performance, integration and route to certification.


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“We welcome this decision and look forward to proceeding with the next steps. Arexis is the perfect match for Germany’s electronic warfare requirements for the Eurofighter” says Anders Sjöberg, head of Saab Germany.

Saab’s offer states that the company would carry out a major part of the work at its site in Bavaria, Germany, together with its artificial intelligence partner Helsing.

Saab’s modular EW solution Arexis makes use of advanced hardware and software including high-end AI algorithms to remain superior in complex electromagnetic environments.



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