Sweden announces further military support to Ukraine

Source: Government Offices of Sweden / Defence Industry Europe

The government of Sweden presented a new extensive support package for Ukraine. It includes subsystems of the HAWK anti-aircraft system and essential parts of the IRIS-T anti-aircraft system, in cooperation with Germany. Sweden also intends to provide up to ten Leopard 2 battle tanks.

“Today, as the war in Ukraine enters its second year, the need for military support remains high. In this support package, the eleventh to be provided, the Government plans to donate defence equipment that is highly prioritised by Ukraine in its requests for assistance,” the government of Sweden said in a statement.

Ukraine has stated that air defence systems, ability for long-range precision combat, and various types of combat vehicles and battle tanks are particularly essential.

In response, the Government intends to donate parts of the HAWK air defence system. In addition, Sweden – in cooperation with Germany – intends to ensure Ukraine’s access to additional IRIS-T air defence system, for which Sweden is providing essential parts.

To further strengthen Ukraine’s defence, Sweden’s government intends to donate up to ten Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, subject to authorisation by the Riksdag.

“Sweden’s provision of battle tanks supplements and strengthens other European countries’ contributions of Leopard 2 tanks. Coordination of the support is ongoing with international partners that are providing Leopard 2 or other battle tanks,” the government of Sweden said.




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