For the first time, a German company has achieved the "lift-off" of a commercially viable launch vehicle. At the Australian launch site in Koonibba, HyImpulse, a German manufacturer and system provider of commercial launch vehicles for satellite transport, successfully test-launched the 12-metre-long and 2.5-tonne single-stage rocket "SR75", which can transport small satellites weighing up to 250 kg to an altitude of around 250 km. At 14:40 PM ACST or 7:10 AM CET, the launch vehicle lifted off successfully and the hybrid rocket propulsion system of the launch vehicle operated as planned. After the successful lift-off, the SR75 will be retrieved for further examination and analysis of the data.

HyImpulse: German space company successfully launches first commercially viable launch vehicle

The German start-up HyImpulse has developed a rocket that is essentially fuelled by candle wax.