The ORON Aircraft Nears Final Delivery to the Israeli Air Force (IAF)

By Arie Egozi

The Israeli Ministry of Defense's Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has fully implemented the aircraft's intelligence systems as it moves towards final delivery to the Israeli Air Force. The ORON is the world's most advanced aircraft of its kind.

Test flights have commenced, led in cooperation by the Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D, IDF, and IAI.

In a recent ceremony attended by senior officials from the Israeli defense establishment, the Israel Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D and IAI celebrated the successful integration of the intelligence systems into the cutting-edge ORON aircraft. This achievement represents a significant milestone in the aircraft’s development and testing program. The ORON aircraft will now advance to the joint test flight phase conducted by the Israeli Air Force and IAI.



The aircraft was jointly developed by the Israel Ministry of Defense and the IAI’s ELTA Group, in collaboration with the Israeli Air Force, Intelligence Corps, and Navy. Equipped with revolutionary sensors and C4I systems, the ORON will provide the IDF with unprecedented intelligence capabilities across expansive terrain, enabling real-time monitoring of ground movements under diverse weather and visibility conditions. The aircraft will be operated by the Israeli Air Force’s ‘Nachshon’ 122nd squadron.

Lt. Col. Yoed, Head of the Ministry of Defense DDR&D Missionized Aircraft Branch, stated that the Oron is a joint multi-domain, multi-sensor solution that will provide the IDF with game-changing capabilities to counter threats far and near.

“The unique capabilities of the ORON ISR System include the ability to accurately track multiple targets across a wide area of coverage, in all weather and visibility conditions, with high precision over great distances and in real time, enabling a decisive and timely response to all threats. The aircraft’s systems incorporate unique technological expertise that has been accumulated over the years within the industry and DDR&D.”

He added that this accumulation of knowledge enables effective preparation for future threats in all of Israel’s operational arenas. The ORON is the product of a process of assimilating operational insights in addition to a broad international outlook.


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Lt. Col. ‘A’, Commander of the IAF’s 122nd Squadron, said that this airborne system has unique capabilities that exemplify the combined strength of all the IDF’s various branches.
“The IAF’s elite 122nd Squadron fully recognizes the great responsibility of effectively utilizing this aircraft and its ability to protect the State of Israel. I am sure that the joint flights will allow the IDF to train its personnel effectively and shorten the schedule until the aircraft is fully operational.”

Gideon Landa, General Manager of ELTA Airborne Systems, stated that the ORON will be operated in full synergy with the other types of special mission aircraft operated by the 122nd Squadron.

“This is a significant and exciting moment for us as members of the defense industry and as citizens of the State of Israel.”



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