Threat-adequate and highly mobile: Rheinmetall’s Oerlikon Skyranger 35 [VIDEO]

Source: Rheinmetall

Mobile, modular, and scalable, ground-based air defence systems are gaining new importance now that NATO as well as armed forces of partner countries are focusing once again on defending national and allied territory and airspace. At DSEI 2023, Rheinmetall is displaying its solutions for this area of application. On show is an air defence system mission module for the Boxer 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle, topped with the Sykranger 35 turret. Also on show will be components of the Skynex air defence system, consisting of a 35mm Mk3 Revolver Gun loaded on a flatrack of a HX truck.


The Rheinmetall Oerlikon Skyranger family is a mobile ground based air defence (GBAD) system which can be deployed against air targets at short and very short range and against ground targets. The Skyranger is equipped with state-of-the-art search and tracking sensors which provide seamless 360° air and ground surveillance and accurate fire control data. Skyranger 35 can monitor airspace autonomously. The integrated 35 mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun provides ultimate firepower and precision. Combined with the Oerlikon Ahead Air Burst Technology an engagement against current and future air threats is highly effective.


The Skyranger 35 can protect mobile units on the march or critical stationary infrastructure and facilities from aerial threats. No matter what the initial situation, an appropriate response is always readily available, assuring adherence to legal requirements and the avoidance of collateral damage.

Thanks to its longstanding experience in the field of ground-based air defence and adherence to a clear technical road map for a future laser weapon system, Rheinmetall is able to integrate mechanically and systemically a full range of advanced capabilities into a wheeled or tracked mobile platforms such as the Boxer multipurpose wheeled armoured vehicle (produced in cooperation with industrial partners) or the tracked Lynx KF41 armoured vehicle. Thanks to the highly flexible Skymaster fire control system and state-of-the-art sensors, the effectors achieve maximum tactical impact.



Featuring a rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute, the 35mm x 228 KDG 35/1000 revolver cannon is the world’s top-performing weapon in this calibre. It has a range of up to 4,000 metres and a very high commonality witht he Revolver Gun Mk3. Programmable time-delay ammunition enhances the probability of hitting even the smallest aerial targets.

The Skyranger family also encompasses the Skyranger 30, a hybrid solution designed to thwart the full range of future airborne threats. Here, the interplay of a 30mm automatic cannon, guided missiles, and in perspective a high-energy laser (the Skyranger 30 HEL variant) results in a mix of effectors unique in this combination.

The Skyranger family offers mobile defence against all current and future battlefield air threats. The Skyranger combines superior firepower, active and passive sensors and the dynamics needed to engage the most demanding targets performing loiter, pop-up or dive attacks. The use of best-in-class cannon systems means that the Skyranger can stand its ground against swarming attacks and its mobility means that it can be deployed alongside ground forces or for stationary vital-asset protection. The Skyranger can independently generate its own local air picture whilst its command and control architecture (Skymaster), IFF and data link mean that it can be seamlessly integrated into the battle order and command structure.



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