Lithuania bolsters armed forces with new acquisitions and upgrades in 2023

By Defence Industry Europe

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence has announced a series of significant acquisitions and completed projects in 2023, enhancing the country's defence capabilities. The the Ministry has successfully signed and concluded numerous contracts, providing the armed forces with new transport vehicles, weaponry, ammunition, combat platforms, apparel, field equipment, communication tools, and surveillance, navigation, and electronic warfare equipment.


“The increasing defence budget allows us to effectively modernize the Lithuanian Armed Forces, thereby enhancing our national security. This year, the army has been replenished with ammunition, several hundred military armored and unarmored vehicles, and numerous other significant projects have been completed. Our security is directly proportional to our investment in it,” stated Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas.

A major focus in 2023 was on ammunition reserves, with various calibers of ammunition received, amounting to approximately EUR 120 million. Agreements were also made for the acquisition of AMRAAM missiles, new anti-tank mines, 155mm ammunition, and GROM missiles.



The Lithuanian Armed Forces’ transport fleet saw significant updates with new motorcycles, various trailers, loaders, cranes, trucks, unarmored all-terrain vehicles, and administrative transport. A new contract was formed for the purchase of “Arocs 4142 AK 8×8” trucks for special-purpose platforms and containers.

Several contracts were made for new surveillance, navigation, and electronic warfare equipment. In the coming years, the military will receive new optical sights, observer and forward observer equipment, artillery radars, passive electronic surveillance systems, and unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures.

Moreover, contracts were signed for essential communication equipment, including the MSA Marine V2 system and various radio communication tools.

2023 also witnessed the arrival of thousands of armored vests, ballistic helmets, and field uniform shoes in Lithuania, along with a new contract for additional ballistic helmets. Additionally, hundreds of tents and hangars, various power generators, equipment for “Vytenis” and “Jonas” camps, and contracts for new containers and containerized premises were purchased.


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In terms of weaponry, the Lithuanian Armed Forces were strengthened with 120 mm mortars, automatic rifles G36KA4M2, and “FN Minimi” machine guns. New contracts were signed for “Spike” anti-tank weapons, MP7 submachine guns, “Javelin” rockets, and launchers.

The year concluded with the completion of a crucial combat platforms acquisition project: all JLTV armored all-terrain vehicles purchased in the first phase were delivered to Lithuania. The second phase of JLTV vehicles, totaling 500 for the Lithuanian Armed Forces, will begin their journey to Lithuania in 2024.



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