Lithuania to purchase more Grom air defence systems from Poland

By Defence Industry Europe

On 30th May, the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence announced its intention to sign a contract in the near future for the purchase of Grom very short-range air defence systems, produced by the Polish defence industry.

Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence stated that its value would amount to 20 million euros.

Grom is a man-portable very short-range air defence system (MANPADS) produced by Mesko, a subsidiary of the Polish Armament Group (PGZ).

This will be the second agreement for Lithuania to acquire Grom systems. The first contract, worth 34 million euros, was signed in 2014.

According to Mesko, Grom MANPADS is designed to engage visually observed air targets, including aircraft, helicopters, and other targets emitting infrared radiation, flying on approaching and receding courses. The range of the Grom system is 5.5 km, and its maximum engagement altitude is 3.5 km.

The newer version of the Grom systems is the Piorun system, which is currently used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Additionally, it is part of the armament of the Polish Armed Forces, and a small quantity has also been purchased by the United States.

Furthermore, after demonstrating high effectiveness during combat operations in Ukraine, the Piorun systems have been contracted by Estonia, Norway, and an undisclosed “Baltic state”.



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