Abrams tanks Regional Competence Center officially opened in Poland

By Lukasz Prus, Defence Industry Europe

On February 20, the Regional Competence Center for Abrams main battle tanks was officially opened at the Military Automotive Works (a subsidiary of the Polish state-owned defence conglomerate PGZ) in Poznan, Poland.


The new Regional Competence Center for Abrams tanks is a joint initiative of Military Automotive Works and American defence giant General Dynamics Land Systems, the manufacturer of the Abrams tanks. The first step towards the establishment of this facility was made in June last year. At that time, PGZ and GDLS signed a Teaming Agreement aimed at establishing an industry capability to maintain and service Abrams main battle tanks, which will be operated by the Polish Armed Forces.




According to PGZ, the Regional Competence Center will be capable of conducting service, maintenance, and support of the Polish Land Forces’ fleet of Abrams tanks. In addition, services offered by the center will be available to the U.S. Army deployed in Poland and other European countries, PGZ said.



In 2022, the Polish Ministry of National Defence signed a contract with the United States for the procurement of 250 M1A2 SEPv3 main battle tanks, with deliveries to be concluded by the end of 2026. Subsequently, in 2023, Poland signed another contract for 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks.



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