Aero Vodochody deepens collaboration with Embraer for C-390 aircraft production

By Defence Industry Europe

Aero Vodochody and Embraer have signed an annex that strengthens and specifies areas of collaboration based on a memorandum of understanding signed in June 2022. The annex includes the potential increase in Aero's production share in the C-390 program, enhancing the value of the existing cooperation with Embraer, and joint efforts in meeting the specific requirements of the Czech Ministry of Defence for acquiring C-390 aircraft for the Czech Armed Forces. Embraer anticipates strong global demand for C-390 aircraft, with the significant involvement of the Czech aerospace industry in the production of numerous parts, Aero said in a press release.


The Czech Ministry of Defence has chosen C-390 Millennium for the Medium Transport Aircraft programme and initiated contractual negotiations with Embraer. Industrial collaboration with the Czech industry is a vital part of this upcoming project.



Aero has been collaborating with the renowned Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer, since 2011. Czech company manufactures critical components of the C-390 aircraft, including the complete wing leading edge, doors, cargo ramp, and the second part of the rear fuselage. The Czech aerospace industry has reaped substantial benefits from the success of the C-390 aircraft, which has been selected not only by Brazil but also by Portugal, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, and now the Czech Republic. Every C-390 aircraft sold worldwide contributes to the export potential of the Czech industry and has the potential to create new job opportunities in the Czech Republic, Aero said in a statement.



“We developed and certified parts of the C-390 transport aircraft here at Aero. We are pleased that Embraer is deepening its collaboration with us and that we will continue to be one of its most significant suppliers. Moreover, the value of this collaboration is likely to significantly exceed the total value of the C-390 acquisition contract for our army, which is excellent news not only for Aero but also for the entire aerospace industry in the Czech Republic,” stated Viktor Sotona, CEO and President of Aero, after signing the annex





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