Antonov to cooperate with Turgis & Gaillard on Aarok drone production

By Defence Industry Europe

On September 28, during the visit of a French delegation to Kyiv, Turgis & Gaillard has signed an agreement with the Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov for the joint production of a scaled-down and cheaper version of the Aarok drone, intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


However, the parties have not yet finalized the contract details, such as the participation of companies from both countries in the project and the location for the final assembly. Nevertheless, Turgis & Gaillard emphasized that the drone will not be intended for export, with the sole user being the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



According to press reports, the Ukrainian version of the Aarok drone is intended for reconnaissance and combat missions, and the Ukrainian side aims for the UAV to be capable of carrying weaponry.



The proposed readiness timeline for the French-Ukrainian drone, set for next year, may raise doubts since the foundational Aarok drone is still in the prototyping phase and has not yet undergone flight testing.


For more information on the Aarok drone, please visit: Turgis & Gaillard presents the Aarok combat UAV.





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