Aselsan introduces Gokkubbe air and missile defence system

Source: Aselsan

In the dynamic domain of air warfare, the past decade has witnessed a sophisticated evolution of air threats, meticulously designed to outmaneuver Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) systems employed by adversaries. Not only have these air threats undergone technological advancements, but their range and diversity have also expanded significantly. Certain formidable threats, once confined to the field of conventional forces, have now become more accessible and affordable to asymmetric enemy groups. This rapidly changing landscape presents a daunting challenge in ensuring tactical dominance across the entire spectrum of air threats, particularly for safeguarding critical infrastructures.

To effectively counter these multifaceted challenges, the new generation of GBAD systems must possess capabilities specifically tailored to address the intricacies of each threat, while maintaining a flexible and modular architecture. The key lies in the seamless integration and adaptive utilization of various sensors and effectors, thereby creating a self-multi-layered defence system capable of countering both symmetric and asymmetric threats with utmost precision and efficiency.



In light of these imperatives, Aselsan introduces Gokkubbe, a cutting-edge GBAD system meticulously engineered to provide an optimal and modular air defence solution. Gokkubbe is designed to counter existing air threats, including RAM (Rocket, Artillery and Mortar), while also future-proofing against emerging challenges. Its strategic focus revolves around safeguarding high-value stationary assets, such as military bases and critical civil infrastructures, ensuring their utmost protection against a broad array of air threats. With its state-of-the-art capabilities and unwavering commitment to excellence, Gokkubbe emerges as an exemplar of defence, empowering security forces with unmatched air defence proficiency.



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