Aster 30 air defence missile successfully fired from FREMM DA frigate

Source: MBDA

On Wednesday 22 March 2023, the French Navy’s Lorraine multi-mission frigate enhanced with air defence capabilities (FREMM DA) successfully fired the Aster 30 air defence missile.

This type of firing against targets representative of current threats trains crews to deal with the high intensity scenarios the Navy’s battleships are likely to encounter during operations. In this case, the task was to neutralise an air threat with a complex trajectory, in an escort scenario involving a valuable ship under threat of missile attack.



Aster missiles, which come in two versions (Aster 15 with approximately 30 km range, and Aster 30 with approximately 100 km range), are carried by multi-mission frigates, air-defence frigates and the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. They will also be carried by the new defence and intervention frigates. The missiles have been specifically designed to destroy attacking aircraft and missiles.

This form of training against top of the spectrum threats helps consolidate the know-how required of a fighting Navy. Firing complex munitions forms part of the POLARIS spirit and reflects the Navy Chief of Staff’s (CEMM) commitment to making naval warfare the prime focus of all Navy activities.

The many tactical and technical lessons learned from this firing will help develop the French Navy’s combat capabilities.

Although the Aster 30 weapon system has already been validated for the FREMM DA (following the Aster 30 firing from the Alsace on 17 November 2021), this recent firing of complex munitions helps confirm the military capabilities of the Lorraine with a view to its entry into active service.

The reaction of the FREMM DA crew, who were unaware of the missile trajectory details, was extremely effective. This training highlights the realism demanded in French naval training since POLARIS.

Firing of this type is impossible without support and expertise from the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA): DGA Maîtrise de l’information (preparation for firing) and DGA Essais de missiles – Ile du Levant launch site (target implementation and safety of the firing range).



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